I remember at the age of 5 dancing and playing el guiro entertaining the grown folks party as my dad played cuts from Willie Colon, Johnny Ventura, Hector Lavoe, Grupo Niche, Guayacan, Joe Arroyo, Tito Puente etc " Growing up with my sisters soul/r-n-b tapes, my mothers disco records and my fathers "son latino" I was bound to get some rhythm. When I was old enough to get my own music I ventured into Rock and New Wave; eventually Trip Hop. Where I came across vocalists like Tracy Thorn (Everything but the Girl), Gina Rene (Soulstice), and Carol C (SiSe). While researching their work I discovered house remixes of such and was hooked to that house sound. One day while looking through music I found a track featuring "La India" my all time favorite vocal goddess from years before and it was "Love and Happiness" by River Ocean. From that day I was forever grateful to that house sound. Since 2008 Soul Harmony has been on that endless journey to house music bliss with every song she plays and every set she does. 

Today Soul Harmony has played at several Miami spots including a Miami favorite The Vagabond, as well as The Electric Pickle, The Clevelander, Haven, The Mayfair, The Whitelaw, Chesterfield, Vlada and many more. She also plays with Oceans Deep in Ft. Lauderdale as a music culture movement she holds very dear to her heart. Soul Harmony is working on music production and you can hear her mixes online. 

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